Whilst team work plays a key role in laparoscopic surgery, Bristol Laparoscopic Associates are pragmatic in their approach and would hope to de-mystify any preconceived notions and misconceptions eg type of procedure, patient selection, type of anaesthetic - epidural or PCA, enhanced recovery or accelerated discharge programme, energy  source, equipment choices and theatre set-up. 

Surgeons wishing to develop laparoscopic  colorectal surgery are encouraged to come with their anaesthetist or entire theatre team to North Bristol NHS Trust. Visitors would normally see three  laparoscopic  resections on a Tuesday and two on a Friday.  These visits also offers participants the opportunity  to network  with  more  experienced personnel. PPH/STARR are normally performed on monthly DCU list @ 5 cases. 

Surgeons wishing to develop laparoscopic urological surgery are again encouraged to ether come alone or to bring their theatre team to United Bristol Hospitals NHS Trust.  Visitors would normally see two laparoscopic procedures on a Thursday and one on a  Tuesday.  

TEP and incisional hernia repairs are performed on a bi-monthly DCU list in both trusts.  Repairs are also carried out on a Tues am or Friday in the private sector. 

Each day provides an excellent forum for “how to get started”.  Bristol Laparoscopic Associates also offer “one to one MasterClass” sessions where we are more than happy to discuss specific operations and technical difficulties or entire team workshops eg., ventral rectopexy. 

Enquiries made direct with Mr Dixons’ secretary Mrs Maggie Martin 0117 9186503 or Mr Wrights' secretary Kirsty Swan 0117 9284225   

Mr Dixon and his SWLC colleagues participates in the National Laparoscopic Colorectal Consultant Training Programme. Mr Wright has been preceptoring UK surgeons through laparoscopic radical prostatectomy since 2004.  Mr Dixon established a 6/12 Laparoscopic Colorectal Fellowship for year 6 or post CCST SpRs in 2004.

The following courses (Bristol, SWLC, UK or International) on laparoscopic surgery are available. Click on one of the links for course details. 

Bristol & SWLC in-house courses

These courses are run by Bristol Laparoscopic Associates

  • TEP inguinal hernia repair
  • Basic laparoscopic colorectal course
  • Advanced Laparoscopic colorectal course programme
  • Laparoscopic Ventral Rectopexy programme (in Association with Oxford)
  • PPH & STARR Workshop; When and how?
  • Cadaveric Workshop (South West Laparoscopic Consortium)

National Courses

Established UK based courses on advanced laparoscopic surgery endorsed by BLA.  Click on the links for course details.

International courses

Established International courses on advanced laparoscopic GI (includes STARR) and Urological surgery endorsed by BLA.  Click on the links for course details.


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