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TEP Laparoscopic Hernia

Dates:21st Nov 2005, 24th April 2006
Address:Day Case Unit, Frenchay Hospital, North Bristol NHS Trust, Beckspool Rd, Bristol, BS16 1LE

08.00 Welcome and coffee Mr Tony Dixon
09.00 Live Operating - 4 cases
12.30 Lunch & discussions
14.00 Live operating - St Michaels DCU Mr Mark Wright
17.00 Drinks & discussion.  Close

This course is aimed at surgeons with significant experience in laparoscopic surgery who whish to learn TEP.  It consists of expert demonstrations and preceptorship interspersed with top tips, and discussions on NICE guidelines, avoidance of pitfalls, management of complications.  Two surgeons, expert in TEP utilising two different approaches.

This course is the business and is probably the most enjoyable and informative one I have ever been on.  I actually performed 4 repairs!  No Egos.  Highly recommended.    Mr Craig Vickery  22.11.05

PPH & STARR Masterclass

Dates:24.02.06, 26.04.06
Address:Day Case Unit, Frenchay Hospital, Beckspool Rd, Bristol, BS16 1LE.
Tel:0117 9186503

Faculty: Mr AR Dixon & Miss Anne-Marie Pullyblank

A one day course aimed at colorectal surgeons year 5/6 trainees interested in developing PPH stapled anopexy & STARR.

This course offers:

  • Live surgery
  • Hands on skills sessions
  • Expert discussion
  • Advice on case selection
  • Analysis of major trials
  • Analysis of complications
  • Building up a business case

Venue: 0815 – Frenchay Day Case Unit

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BASIC Laparoscopic Colorectal programme

Address:Urological Institute, Southmead Hospital, Bristol
Welcome & introduction
AR Dixon & MH Thompson
09.15 Lectures
  • Camera & stack systems
  • Safe access & ergonomics
  • Harmonic Scalpel/Ligasure

Olympus or Storz
MH Thompson
Live surgery - right hemicolectomy N Kenefick/AR Dixon
10.45 Coffee
11.00 Dry Lab exercisesLunch


13.30 Lectures
  • Instrumentation
  • Exiting the abdomen & removal of organs

MH Thompson
H Espiner
Live surgery -Anterior resection AR Dixon
13.15 to 17.00 Dry lab exercises
19.00 Drinks & discussion
20.00 Course dinner

Day two will focus on anaesthesia, enhanced recovery (GL Greenslade), Getting started/clinical governance, analysis of major trials and complications (AR Dixon, N Kenefick).  There is also the opportunity to visit the patients and talk to the nursing staff.

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Advanced Laparoscopic Colorectal Programme

Address:SUrological Institute, Southmead Hospital, Bristol
08.15 Welcome, Coffee & case discussion AR Dixon
09.00 Live surgery
  • Right hemicolectomy
  • Ventral rectopexy
  • Anterior resection
AR Dixon
  • Theatre organisation
  • Instrumentation

13.00 Lunch
17.00 Anesthetic considerations
Clinical Governance
Overcoming obstacles
GL Greenslade
AR Dixon
19.30 Drinks & Dinner

The morning of day two is centred around visiting the patients, talking to the nursing staff and discussion around getting started.

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The Bristol SWLC Laparoscopic Colorectal Cadaveric Surgery Course

Dates:28/29 October 2009
Address:Bristol Clinical Anatomy Suite, Dept Anatomy at the Veterinary School, University of Bristol
Tel:01935 384529

Supporting the National Training Programme for laparoscopic colorectal cancer surgery

This one day programme is an anatomy-based skills course on human cadavers run in a state-of-the-art Vets School training facility.  The event is aimed at established consultant colorectal cancer surgeons who are about to commence laparoscopic colorectal cancer surgery within their service.  The aim is to develop the skills needed and familiarisation of anatomy required for safe and effective laparoscopic resection of colorectal cancer. Participants are expected to be enrolled on the National Training Programme and should have already developed the laparoscopic skills required by attending suitable, recognised courses.

The course will be held at the Bristol Clinical Anatomy Suite, Dept Anatomy at the Veterinary School, University of Bristol.

Rob Longman
Tony Dixon
Nader Francis
Caroline Burt

Next course date:    28-29 October 2009

2010 Dates:              6-7 January 2010

                                 14-15 April 2010

       Places available

For further information about this event, please contact the SWLC Project Manager

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Laparoscopic Ventral Rectopexy its role in recto-urogenital prolapse

Dates:3/4 February
Address:John Radcliffe Infirmary
Cost:£1,500.00 or

Under the auspices of the Southern Pelvic Floor Group and the ACPGBI - the Oxford and Southwest Laparoscopic Training Groups.  There is a second component in February 2009 (Bristol).  It is hoped that the course will lead to credentialling in the tehnique.

Pelvic Floor Masterclass Curriculum

  • Presentation and history taking
  • Examination
  • Diagnostic work up (DPG, CTS, ARP)
  • Infrastructure (Clinic, Workup, PF Nurse, Questionaires &

Database, Reading proctography, MDT)

  • External prolapse
  • Obstructed defaecation (Internal Prolapse, Rectocoele, Anismus)
  • Faecal incontinence (Internal prolapse, Pudendal neuropathy, EAS injury)
  • Pain

  • Conservative therapies for OD & FI (drugs, diet, RBL, BFB, rectal irrigation)
  • Laparoscopic anterior rectopexy
  • Resection-rectopexy
  • Starr
  • Rectocoele repair
  • SNS
  • Sphincter repair

  • Inadequate DPG (EUA)
  • Slow transit + OD
  • Recalcitrant fissure
  • Piles and internal prolapse
  • Failed BTX
  • Successful then failed rectopexy
  • Rectocoele after rectopexy
  • Prolapse after rectopexy


Further information available from:
Julian Foster
Professional Education Manager - Surgical Division
Covidien (UK) Commercial Ltd.,
154, Fareham Road,
PO13 0AS

Mobile: + 44 (0) 790 185 3316

DDI: + 44 (0) 1329 224836

A two day course with two components.  Phase 1 is watching 6-8 live laparoscopic recopexies, case discussion, theory etc.  Phase two is performing 3-4 retopexies under direct supervision.  The discussion and pelvic floor MDT is second to none.  The operative experience/coaching is unbelievable - perhaps state of the art.  Well worth all the effort.

Many thanks to Covidien for their hospitality and organisation

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