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Bristol Laparoscopic Associates provide a single point of referral to a specialist at the forefront of urological, gastrointestinal (upper GI and colorectal), hernia and pelvic floor laparoscopic surgery.

Laparoscopic surgery when performed properly has predictable outcomes:

  • less pain,
  • superior cosmesis
  • preservation of the abdominal wall 
  • fewer complications,
  • early return of function,
  • earlier discharge,
  • early return to work 
  • equivalent, if not sometimes better, long term outcomes. 

These benefits are passed on to secondary care with fewer consultations for postoperative complications, pain, wound problems etc. 

The laparoscopic option also has financial benefit eg., fewer short and long term complications eg returns to theatre, blood transfusion requirements, readmissions.  In the longterm, adhesional obstruction and incisional hernia development are very uncommon.

There are very few patients who are unsuitable for laparoscopic hernia, gallbladder, colorectal and urological surgery.

Benefits to GPs and patients include 

  • Rapid access
  • Discussion of all treatment options- Multidisciplinary guidance about choice of treatment eg., colorectal and urological cancers, polyps etc.
  • Treatment by fully trained and widely experienced consultant surgeons who are leaders in the field of laparoscopic surgery in the UK and Europe.
  • Treatment by consultants with audited (National Cancer Peer Reviewed) and published (peer reviewed) outcome measures.
  • Multicentre
  • Kowledgeable and helpful secretarial and support staff
  • Care Quality Commission certified

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