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United Bristol Healthcare NHS Trust hospitals:

Bristol Royal Infirmary
Bristol Eye Hospital
Bristol Haematology & oncology Centre
St Michaels Hospital
Homeopathic Hospital
Bristol Royal Hospital for Children
University of Bristol dental Hospital

Bristol Dermatology website:

Bristol Eye Hospital Referral Guidelines:

North Bristol NHS Trust hospitals

Frenchay & Southmead Hospitals

Private Practice sites

Avon & Wiltshire Mental Health partnership

BUPA Hospital, Bristol

Priory Hospital, Bristol
Bristol Nuffield Hospitals
Litfield House medical centre 
Bristol Urology Associates - Private:

Sport & Orthopaedic Clinic Bristol -  Private:

The Bristol Orthopaedic & Sports Injury clinic - Private:

Jonathan Webb Orthopaedic & Sports Injury Clinic - Private:

Bristol Plastic Surgery- Private:
Bristol Laparoscopic Surgery- Private:
BUPA Womens Health centre, Clifton- Private:

Centre for Reproductive Medicine, Clifton - Private/University:

Practice Based Commissioning Information:

NHS alliance (GP led) representational organisation of primary care and Primary Care Trusts :

National Association of Primary Care (GP led) supports General Practice and staff, and support Primary Care Trusts (PCTs) in developing their relationships with them. :
British Medical association:

Improvement Foundation (Dept of Health) helping with the rapid implementation of PBC:

NHS networks promotes and connects the many networks which exist throughout the NHS :

Dr Foster Intelligence for all the data on a practices use of hospital resourcers:

Department of Health:
Primary care Contracting NHS information and resources to help understand and implement the new primary care contracting arrangements:

Practical commissioning (Pulse' spinoff magazine with information on PBC):

NHS institute for innovation and improvement develops and spreads new ways of working, new technology and world-class leadership:

Xytal (GP-led company that provide forums and advice on commissioning):

Other useful contacts:

Telephone numbers
National UK phonebook or BT Directory Enquiries Online

Avon health community (Avonweb search)

NHS email (NHS email)

Find a postcode using the Royal Mail site

Find a map using Multimap UK

Find out about benefits and council services with the Bristol City Council Service Finder

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