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What do you need to get started?

Based upon our 16 year experience of advanced laparoscopic GI, Urological and hernia surgery, Bristol Laparoscopic Associates would make the following recommendations about equipment purchase.  Our endorsements are based solely upon our own personal observations and experiences - both failures and successes.  They are totaly independent of and uninfluenced by either industry and or our sponsors.   

Essential Equipment

Scope Warmers
Light Cables
Port Trocars
Hand held instruments
Ultrasonic Coagulation Source & scissors
Bipolar diathermy
Laparoscopic Stapling & vessel ligation
Hem-o-lok product literature
TEP hernia repair
Incisional hernia repair- Mesh
Uterine & Vaginal Manipulation
Organ Retrieval Bag Systems
Nathanson Liver Retractor
Wound retractor systems


Robotic Camera Control ?

Bristol Laparoscopic Associates welcome recommendations from other surgeons, so if you think that we have got it wrong, please let us know and we will share your thoughts.  Please use our contact facility and we will update the site as you respons would consider appropriate.

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