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The Consultant Interview

Whilst the demands of your clinical job, team working, regular job interviews, yearly RITAs and the ever expanding need to pass an examination prepares you most eventualities, the consultant interview is something else.

Recruitment for consultant interviews is different to the recruitment that is carried out for other grades. The Trust is no longer recruiting someone for a few months but rather a long term asset who will be able to work within the existing structure to help provide the best service to patients by taking relevant initiatives and by co-operating with other colleagues.  In reality they are recruiting a colleague more than a doctor and it is for this reason that consultant interviews are as much an exercise in gauging your personality as they are a tool in measuring your level of initiative, awareness and motivation.

It is thus unlike anything else you have ever encountered. You suddenly need to grow up, be reflective, become very politically aware and not forgetting, have a sound grasp of managerial and business concepts at work within the modern NHS.

The following links, downloads, tips and questions is designed to provide a little guidance to those approaching this important milestone.  Best of Luck!

Tony & Mark


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