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National Colorectal Programme

The National Training Programme (NTP) in Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery (LCS) is funded by the Cancer Action Team at the Department of Health to provide LCS training for colorectal consultants in England.
It was devised in 2007 to implement the 2006 NICE guidelines that state that laparoscopic (including laparoscopically assisted) resection is recommended as an alternative to open resection for individuals with colorectal cancer in whom both laparoscopic and open surgery are considered suitable. The guidance was waived in 2006 due to the lack of trained surgeons and this waiver is due for review in September 2009.

In January 2008, 10 groups encompassing 16 Trusts in England were allocated training centre status by the National Cancer Action Team at the Department of Health. At the same time the responsibility for National Clinical Lead for the NTP was given to Professor John Monson, Head of the Academic Surgical Unit in Hull. An office for NTP coordination was opened in Hull and the programme was introduced via a newsletter published on the ACPGBI website in July 2008. At around the same time, Professor Monson resigned having secured a chair in the USA and the post of National Clinical Lead was re-advertised.

At the end of September 2008, Mark Coleman, Consultant Surgeon in Plymouth was appointed the new National Clinical Lead. In March 2009 the new National Coordination Office opened in Plymouth with a full time National Programme Manager and Administrator (coordination office). Educational assessment is carried out by our group at Imperial College run by Professor George Hanna.

The programme is intended to run for 2 years with the aim of training enough colorectal surgeons in LCS to a level of independence in routine colonic resections This will give all patients diagnosed with colorectal cancer in England have access to a trained surgeon.

The units comprise
  • Freeman Hospital Newcastle
  • Bradford Royal Infirmary
  • Castle Hill Hospital Hull
  • Queens Medical Centre Nottingham
  • John Radcliffe Hospital Oxford
  • Queen Alexander Hospital Portsmouth
  • Colchester-Guildford-St Marks' Hospitals
  • Basingstoke & Frimley Park 
  • Kings & St Thomas' Hospitals
  • St Mary's & Royal Marsden Hospitals
  • Bristol, Yeovil & Plymouth

The whole process is coordinated from Plymouth: 

National Training Programme (LAPCO)
Unit 7
Scott Building
18 Davy Road
Tamar Science Park

Tel: +44 1752 439844
Fax: +44 1752 315053

Programme Administrator
Joanne Foley 
Tel  01752 439844
Fax 01752 315053

Programme Manager
Laura Stapleton 
Tel 01752 439845

Training Centres

Basingstoke & Frimley Park
Imperial (Education Centre)
Kings, Guys & St Thomas'
Oxford Training Centre
Portsmouth Training Centre
South West
St Marks, Guildford & Colchester

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