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General questions

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What is the difference between an SHO and SpR?

What will be different about working as a spR compared to now? (ie as an SHO)
What qualities make a good SpR?

Explain to a group of sixth formers what a surgeon’s job involves.

When you make a patient information leaflet using patient groups, do you think they self-select and are therefore not necessarily unbiased? What level do you pitch your information at? Which side do you lean towards: explaining in very simple terms or more detailed? How do you stop yourself from using medical parlance?

What resources are needed for SpR training?

What skills do you think you need as a consultant? How do you ensure you acquire these skills?

What does the college tutor do? What are his/her roles?

What are the roles of the College and the  Associations (ACPGBI, AUGIS etc)?

What is the Deanery and what is its role?
Discuss the importance of computer skills. Can they be of useful in surgery?

What are your views on information technology and how it is going to affect us as surgeons?

What do you think about having non-medical surgical assistants? What are the advantages & disadvantages?

When do you think Foundation year trainees should chose their speciality? What can we do to prevent them from dropping out of surgery?

Why do trainees fail to complete their training?

What can we do to attract people to surgery?

How do you think a blame-free culture can be brought about in the NHS?

Tell me about a paper you have read recently. What was the primary outcome?

What is the difference between the journals  Colorectal Disease and the BJS?

If I gave you an unlimited amount of money and time, what would you change about any of your previous posts ?

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