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Audit & Research

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What is audit?

What makes a good audit?

Why do audit projests fail? 

What is the difference between research and audit?

Tell me about your audit ... do you have any experience in audit?

How did you go about your audit project?

What changes did your audit result in?

What were the outcomes, if any, and did you close the audit loop?

Do you think everyone should do audit?

Give an example of a good audit in your hospital which has changed the practice?

What National Audits do you know of? Which ones have led to better patient care?

What is research? Why is it important? If you have not carried out any research, why not?

Do you think that every trainee should undertake research?

Do you have any experience in research?

What do you think about research?

How do you go about setting up a research project?

What role do academic surgical departments play? Why are they important?

Do you think everyone should do research? If not why not? If yes, why?

What do you know about government targets and deadlines.

Why have you written so little?

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