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What's the worst/best case you have managed?

What is the most interesting case you have seen?

Has any recent incident in your practice made you change the way you practice?

What do you think of competency based training? What are the pros and cons of this training method?

How do you continue to improve your knowledge throughout training?

What is CMED?

How can consultants and trainees do their CMED?

What is the most useful course you have been on and why?

Have you used e-learning?

How do you aquire paediatric skills and maintain them?

Have you done any ALS/ATLS/APLS courses etc?

Do you think that every trainee should undertake an ALS/ATLS/CRISP course?

What is the difference between an assessment and an appraisal?

Who is the main beneficiary from appraisal?

How do you think the changes in service provision (eg independent sector treatment centres) will affect surgical training?

What do you think of PMETB?  Is there still a role for Part III FRCS?

What do you think about a European Subspeciality Exit Exam

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