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Port Trocars

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BLA  recommend that you only use 12 and 5mm threaded disposable ports; reusable are a false economy. They are far too heavy and keep falling out!  
Our current preference is for bladeless Edopath XCEL. Product No., B5LT & B12LT.

The seal systems are robust, durable and the trocars never seem to fall out.  Unlike reusable ports which are heavy, they don’t tend to tip and roll. They do not fall apart and they don’t need washing (ie., there is nothing to be broken or lost)! In addition they offer the surgeon the option of placing them under direct visualisation. They also simplify closure.  Close all 12mm ports to prevent hernias.

5 & 12mm ports cost around £60 each (£30 for the sheath alone).  BLA believe that it is a false economy to use anything else. 

NB. Whilst Ethicon-EndoSurgery market XCEL as a system whereby there is no need to close ports outside of the midline.  We have had three patients present with port site hernias - two within the first three days of surgery.  Remember also, small bowel obstruction can be very subtle.  If a patients develops colic and starts vomiting, re-laparoscope.

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