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Uterine & Vaginal Manipulation

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We have used an extended Vesellum forceps (grasps the cervix as well as elevating the uterus) or a combination of a Spackmann cannula/retractor and vesellum forceps to elevate and manipulate the uterus within the pelvis.

We would consider it essential for conducting a laparoscopy for pelvic pain, ventral rectopexy, anterior resection, reversal Hartmann etc .  It is far superior to any other method.  Believe us!  Ask a friendly gynaecologist to show you how they work.

They can be reusable or disposable single use as seen in picture; product no. S029 @£7.50


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In post hysterectomy patients we use an Amielle vaginal dilator to define the vagina and its vault.  It is far superior to a swab on a stick or anything else.  It is very useful in a ventral rectopexy etc in aiding dissection of the rectovaginal septum and the suturing of the mesh to the vagina and vaginal vault.

(product No. SM21350 @ £ 7.00 each)
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