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Organ Retrieval Bag Systems

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Espiner Retrieval Systems

This product arose out of a co-operation in 1994, in Bristol between Harry Espiner, retired Consulatant in minimally invasive surgery and Jim Howard of Camerons, Hot Air Balloon engineering company.  The organ-retrieval bags are very easy to use, dependable, non-leaking, and light enough to insert through a cannula yet strong enough, not to break under pressure (unlike their competitors).  BLA would consider these the "gold standard". 

The retrieval E-bags/pouches are made from lightweight, strong and leak-proof ripstop nylon coated in inert polyurethane and are designed to be deploywd down 10 & 12mm ports.  They can be used for a wide range of minimally invasive operations, such as appendicectomies, cholecystectomies (Order code: EMP 100 INS @ 10/box), splenectomies, nephrectomies (Order code: EMP 180MN E-Sacs @ 3/box), prostatectomies and oophorectomies (EMP 100 INS usually surfices). Capacities range from 0.25 l to 3 l.  The bags, which are both CE-marked and FDA-registered, come pre-packed and sterilised, ready for use.

Some of their products also incorporate Nitinol Memory Metal and super elastic wire that help retain the shape of the bag during deployment and operation. These bags employ an additional drawstring function that snares the opening so as to eradicate any spillage.
The E100WG retrieval system (illustrated) is designed for use via standard 10-mm and 10/12-mm access ports and is combined with an insertion device using “memory metal” arms to open an stabilise the mouth of the sac when deployed. The device is packed with the sterilised sac in the open position. To load the device, the sac is simply brought inside the cannula by pulling on the ring. The equipment is now ready for insertion. Once in situ, a simple manoeuvre easily deploys the sac inside the patient. After organ removal, a drawstring closes the mouth of the bag, making it secure for withdrawal.

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Alternative approaches

Tyco - Autosuture Systems

The ENDO CATCH™ GOLD 10mm specimen pouch (Cataloge No ECATCH10G/6 per box) is 2 ½ inches wide at the opening and 6 inches long (see below). The shelf life is 3 yrs.

The ENDO CATCH™ II 15mm specimen pouch is 5 inches wide at the opening and 9 inches deep.  The ENDO CATCH™ II 15 mm with a larger specimen retrieval bag is ideal for advanced procedures, including, but not limited to, laparoscopic bowel resections, splenectomies and nephrectomies.  

Ethicon systems

The Ethicon counterpart, again made of polyurathane is called ENDOPOUCH RETRIEVER. Two support arms help facilitate bag opening and tissue capture. The bag and support arms are attached to a shaft and introducer.  Whilst it is much simpler to deploy than its Tyco counterpart, it is in our opinion, no match of the Espiner systems and costs considerably more. 

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