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Chief Executive

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  • How would you prepare your MDT for a visit from CHI/Peer review
  • How should I measure your performance
  • Should we be a foundation trust - advantages and disadvantages
  • How would you improve co-operation accross the sites within this trust
  • What makes a good manager
  • Who are our competitors
  • How will the ECN affect patient care
  • Are there too many managers in the NHS
  • Who are you accountable to?
  • Tell me about the targets from next April
  • How can we achieve the 62 day cancer target
  • How might you develop the service
  • How might you reduce our MRSA infection rates
  • Are you aware of any policy regarding C difficile in this hospital
  • What are the biggest challenges facing this trust
  • Is Lord Darzi right
  • What is the biggest challenge to your speciality
  • If I asked you to save 2% of your budget, how would you go about it

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