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College Assessor

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The main function of this person is to ensure you have been trained to do the job advertised.  They are usually members of the relevant professional association eg ACPGBI etc.  They will involve scrutiny of your CV - make sure you know it well.  Use the CV to set the agenda.  Do not be surprised if you get asked a clinical question by this person.

  • You have not published much in your chosen field - why
  • Take me through your specialist training
  • What if any are the ares of deficiency in your training
  • If you had 6 more months training time how would you use it
  • Why did you do research
  • Which of your published papers has given you skills to bring to this job and why
  • Qualities of a good tutor
  • Have you been involved in any unproductive audits,  Why? What would you diffenetly as a consultant/next time.
  • What makes audit sussessful

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