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Costs of private obesity surgery

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If you have now considered all of the factors and wish to take matters further, please use our resources listing recognised UK Bariatric Surgeons.  As a rough guide, choose a surgeon who is works within a multidisciplinary team and preferably with a coleague.  Most of the good ones will have an NHS bariatric practice.
Costs vary from centre to centre and operation to operation.

Price ranges per procedure are as follows:

Adjustable Gastric Banding from

£ 6,000 to £ 8,500

Gastric bypass from

£ 8,000 to £ 11,000

BPD / DS from

£ 8,000 to £ 11,000


Payment and payment options should be discussed.  We would advise you to ensure that you only sign up to an inclusive care package ie no hiden costs. 

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