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TEP Inguinal Hernia Reapair

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  • Scrotal bruising is common and is largely a function of hernia size.  It will resolve in a week.  In large hernias, a haematoma frequently collects in the sac remnant - unlike a hernia recurrence there is no cough impulse.  Occasionally there will be some bruising around the umbilicus and very rarely a haematoma will drain through the wound.  Reassurance and conservative management is the order of the day.
  • Sutures are dissolvable and drop off - sometimes it takes a few weeks
  • The wound edges are always a little red when using absorbable material
  • 35/1000 develop exercise induced, self-limiting (4-8 wks) thigh pain (lateral cutaneous nerve neuropraxia).  This responds to Amitriptyline 30mg nocte. 
  • 2/1000 develop palpable scar tissue around the mesh. 
  • Recurrence 5/1000 
  • Bristol Laparoscopic Associates place no restrictions on postoperative activity.  Most patients can drive within 3 days and return to sedentary employment.  Contact sports and physical employment can be resumed after 2 weeks.


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