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Discharge instructions

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For your own safety, it is important that you do not drive, drink alcohol or make important decisions for the first 48 hours after surgery.


Unrestricted, so long as you don’t experience too much pain. Keep yourself active, i.e., don't take to your bed once you get home. Avoid driving until the majority of your pain has gone. You should be able to return to your usual activities, including work in 2-3 weeks.


Your dressings will be removed before you go home. Leave the pieces of tape on your wounds for a week; soak them off in the bath. You can shower or bathe the 1st postoperative day. Expect some bruising and localised tenderness.


Drink plenty of water and stick to a light diet for 2-3 days after your operation. Avoid high fibre foods for the first few weeks.


Continue your normal tablets. For pain, take two paracetamol tablets by mouth every 6 hours and if prescribed, an anti-inflammatory e.g., Diclofenac 75mg twice a day.


Expect to feel reasonably well quite quickly (average 3-5 days). If you don’t, please consider phoning the ward or the cancer specialist nurse. Remember you may tire very easily. After all it is still major surgery!


You will usually be discharged within 24 - 48hrs of your operation. If you are not feeling particularly well or have questions, please speak to us!

Clinic follow-up

The ward will make you an appointment for 1-2 weeks after discharge. This allows us to see how you are and talk through any further treatments that we feel may be required.

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