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Scope Warmers

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Many solutions have been put forward to eliminate "scope fogging"; electrical warmer, hot water, alcohol, betadine, Fred/Elvis etc.  The problem is that none of these systems really work.  The result is a very frustrated surgeon and an increasingly longer operation. have recently come across a new pre-surgical sterile scope warmer that is not only quick to work (one minute) and really easy to use it also works!  Heat is generated from an exothermic chemical reaction.  We have been very impressed and advocate its use.  Scopes stay warm for 45 minutes,

    No capital equipment
    No electricity/batteries
    Back-up scope allways heated
    Works for all sizes & lengths
    Simple one step activation
    Very easy to use
    Instant heat source
    Comes in packages of 10
    Sterile product

Product Code Number: 
74000 (Box of 10 Scope Warmers, Sterile Packed)

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