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Our centre offers you:-

  • State of the art facilities;
  • An expert trainer – Mr Robin Kennedy;
  • The opportunity to operate on your own patients.

St. Mark’s Hospital is both a national and international referral centre for
intestinal and colorectal disorders. We pride ourselves on offering a
multidisciplinary approach in surgery. Our theatre team is highly experienced
and we offer peri-operative care delivered by staff with specialist expertise in
enhanced recovery care.

What is the programme?
Laparoscopic Surgery has been a huge advance for patients over the last 20 years and NICE has
approved its use.

Many consultant surgeons in the UK have missed the training boat: the Department of Health’s
Cancer Action Team, under the leadership of Professor Mike Richards, has rolled out this
initiative in order to address the issue. The programme offers consultants the opportunity to
undertake training specifically designed to develop operative competence in the shortest
possible time. This is achieved by placing them with an experienced trainer, so that patients are
reassured their surgery will be of the highest standard. Once the process is complete, visiting
surgeons can develop a similar service in their own hospital.

Before Preceptorship
The basic requirements for a consultant preceptee prior to training are:

  • Observation of 10 live laparoscopic resections.
  • If possible, attendance at a cadaveric course (preferably using fresh frozen cadavers).
  • Attendance in theatre at St. Mark’s with your Theatre Team (for a day).
  • Observation of training videos (which will be provided).

Consultant preceptees will undertake 20 colorectal resections at St. Mark’s under Mr Kennedy’s
supervision. They will be expected to bring patients from their host Trust for surgery. Patients
must attend a pre-assessment clinic and follow-up will be at the preceptee’s Trust.
To gain the maximum benefit from training, regular attendance is recommended (preferably
every 1-3 weeks), operating on 2 patients per day.
Training will be undertaken in our state of the art high definition laparoscopic theatre.

To register, please call the Co-ordinating Office on 01752 439844
or email:

Astra Tertullien
St Mark's Hospital
Level 5
Watford Road

Tel:      020 8235 4108

Courses available

National Training Programme in Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery

Advanced laparoscopic training has been a mainstream activity of the mattu at Guildford since 1995. Laparoscopic Colorectal training has been a core activity since 2003. The mattu have run regular live surgery courses, team training events and masterclass’ for teams from the UK and mainland Europe. We also run regular laparoscopic colorectal courses for theatre staff. Preceptorship through the ACPGBI / ALSGBI preceptorship programme has also been delivered in an outreach format but has now ceased in advance of the new Natinoal Training Programme (NTP). The trainers also deliver animal training as part of the faculty at the European Surgical Institute in Hamburg. Laparoscopic colorectal courses can be accessed through mattu as well as supportive courses such as laparoscopic suturing.

As part of the NTP the mattu, in association with The Royal Surrey County Hospital in Guildford, offer an in-reach laparoscopic colorectal training programme for appropriate applicants. Surgeons and their teams will have the opportunity to operate in an ideal and state of the art operating theatre on their own patients with the support of the training surgeon. The dedicated operating lists will be staffed by nurses and anaesthetists experienced in managing complex laparoscopic procedures who are used to the training environment. It is anticipated that each surgeon will have access to up to 10 all day theatre lists over the period of 1 year and no more than one surgeon or one team will be present at any given list. The training opportunity will be focused purely on the training surgeon. Each list will have no more than two cases to allow plenty of time in an unhurried and supportive environment. The days operating will be supplemented by access to a training room within the theatre complex with the capacity for watching live surgery, reviewing edited and unedited videos from a video library as well as the trainees own recordings of the days surgery. Training stations for practicing laparoscopic skills are also available on site.

In order not to detract form the training opportunities available to SpR and clinical fellows at the training site we would like to invite surgeons accepted onto the training programme to come and operate on patients from their own Trust - where they are willing to do so. The admission of the patients can be organised through the Royal Surrey County Hospital. As per the wishes of the training surgeon, once discharged all follow-up arrangements including MDT decision making can be made at the base hospital. This will ensure continuity of care and be least disruptive to the patients management.

To discuss laparoscopic colorectal training at Guildford please contact Kate Dunn or Alison Snook at mattu.

The Minimal Access Therapy Training Unit
The Post Graduate Medical School
University of Surrey
Manor Park

Tel.       01483 688691

Professor Timothy A Rockall MB BS FRCS MD Royal Surrey County Hospital

Mr Iain Jourdan MB BCh FRCS MS Royal Surrey County Hospital

Mr Mark Gudgeon MB BS FRCS MS Frimley Park Hospital Foundation Trust


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